Coupons Our gift coupons for feasting at lake constance

I. Restaurant-coupon with value
Rate the amount that you want to spend on the coupon. We design a nice Schwedi-Card voucher and send it by mail. We also send the invoice that you can transpher the amount.
If you want to pick up the coupon at the hotel, please pay cash.
We thank you for the understanding that we can not accept card payment for vouchers.

II. Restaurant coupon for our fish menus - a nice gift idea!
You can find the newest summary, prices and dates for our fish menu special under "news"
These 7-course special menus are only served in defined periods! (Please check the up to date information on our homepage or on press).
The coupon cost will be the total amount for the 7 course fish menu. On the coupon won't be a price information. Will the coupon be honoured after the prices have changed (for example in the following year), the guest has to pay the balance. Of course the value of the coupon can also be honoured for an other restaurant service (á la card menu).

NEW at


Here you can design your own coupon with different Schwedi voucher models and pay it easiely with paypal. Afterwards the coupon will be send by e-mail.
Create your personalized coupon!

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